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Our Future Depends On Us!

A Resident-driven Association

In 1910, about 200 residents voted to incorporate a part of Capitol Heights into what we know today as the Town of Capitol Heights. 

The purpose of the incorporation was to organize and further develop the land with the people in mind. 

The Town of Capitol Heights Civic Association, organized in 2021, has the very same goal in mind--to organize and further develop the Town for the betterment of its residents. 

Therefore, we proudly are a resident-driven association. We invite you to explore.


Your contribution helps us continue to support the community. 

Connect with us to give your time, talent, and/or treasures towards this community cause. 


Everyone may be a member of The Town of Capitol Heights Civic Association. We are accepting members on a rolling basis. Learn what benefits exist for our members. 


The mission of the Town of Capitol Heights Civic Association is to build a better community for future generations. We realize that what we do today impacts our tomorrow. Let's leave a place our friends and family can proudly call home. 

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